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My Fellow Atlantans and residents of City Council District 5,

I recently ran across that very insightful and prophetic quote from a great writer. I am a dreamer. I believe that we can have a better beloved community where quality living matters. And I am a doer. I believe that if we do not all roll up our sleeves and put our shoulder to the wheel alongside our fellow citizens, then we forfeit the right to complain. 

My track record of service over the years demonstrates I have a passion for helping make the world and our city a better place. I am honored to announce my candidacy for the District 5 seat on the Atlanta City Council and humbly ask for your vote on November 2nd.  

District 5 is not an island unto itself and needs strong, proven leadership to protect its unique identity. Our district also needs leadership that knows how to face tough choices and decisions for us and the entire City.  It is in those times that we need thoughtful, balanced leadership. 

I was born and raised in the City of Atlanta.  I know the City well, both old and new, and I have had many opportunities to represent its interests.  I have served at the pleasure of four Mayors and three County Commission Chairs while holding leadership positions on advisory boards, authorities, and a commission.  Since 2019, through my work on the Development Authority of Fulton County, I have approved and helped fund District 5 projects representing more than half a billion dollars in private investment that produced approximately 1,000 new jobs for our residents and provided more than 100 affordable units along the Beltline - supporting Atlanta’s and the Beltline’s inclusionary zoning and land use restriction agreements.  Those are examples of how my knowledge and experience base are deep, so serving on the Atlanta City Council represents an opportunity for all of us to benefit through my leadership.

Some may wonder why I am seeking public office. My family’s roots in public service and giving back to the community run far and wide into my DNA.  My maternal grandmother was a state representative in the 1970s and my paternal grandfather helped manage political campaigns for some of Atlanta’s most progressive leaders who went on to become the first African American elected officials in the City’s history.  I was raised with a sensibility to do good and had the responsibility of being of service engrained in me.  In the years since I first ran for office in 2002 for State Senate, I have married and started a family. As a husband and father, I have been blessed to make family my immediate priority, especially during my children’s formative years. Now, my children are well-adjusted teenagers, and I am prepared to step up in an impactful way once again to serve the community.  

Representing District 5, 

  1. I will be a leader of Integrity.  We must all be transparent and hold each other accountable.  My word will surely be my bond and I will uphold high moral standards in every instance when exercising stewardship of our concerns and resources.  

  2. I will be a leader of Inclusiveness.  Our working together across our differences, whatever they are, is key to successful outcomes for our community. Everyone has a voice and together we will ensure that everyone is heard. 

  3. I will be a leader of Investment.  We need more jobs in District 5 to address income inequality and resources to help stem involuntary displacement of longtime residents and families.  

  4. I will be a leader of Infrastructure. I pledge to work diligently together with you to ensure municipal services like safe roads, sidewalks and streets, water and sewer and trash/recycling pick-up are keeping up with the pace of residential reinvestment and new construction.  

  5. I will be a leader of Innovation.  Leveraging technology can enhance and make a difference in District 5.  It can be as simple as using data and information more effectively to respond to crime in constructive and humane ways.  We can also work to find a consistent way to communicate with each other across county and neighborhood lines.

I am ready to dream more and do more, with your help and support.

Thank you. 


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