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Investment, Jobs and Affordable Housing

Investment infrastructure and community benefits are critical to District 5's continued economic success. More private and public investment creates conditions for poverty reduction to address income inequalities by attracting businesses and other work opportunities that create jobs for residents in District 5.  

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Inclusiveness and Innovation

Inclusiveness is paramount to improving the quality of life in District 5. We all have ideas and must rally around each other so all residents feel their voices can be heard. We must tackle issues that may divide us by thinking and working together to continue restoring vibrancy to our neighborhoods especially as we emerge from this pandemic.

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Policing and Criminal Justice Reform

Here we are in 2021, mobilizing for another march to the polls after COVID-19 and civil unrest - precipitated by unchecked police brutality - have disproportionately rocked Black and brown communities. When the virus landed on us last spring, many of our lives, already impacted by the woeful lack of progress against systemic racism, were stymied by a lack of access to proper health care, economic upheaval brought about by the need to stay at home and the resulting business and job losses that marginalized communities feel first before any others.    (Read More)

Climate Change and Local Warming

Scientists estimate that Atlanta is the 19th fastest warming city in the country.  District 5 will continue to become even more vulnerable to rising temperatures including extreme heat that will undoubtedly effect our health, vegetation, quality of life and economy. Between 1980 and 2015, the City's average temperature, as reported by the Climate Realty Project, rose nearly 2 degrees Fahrenheit. That may not sound like much but according to climate change experts that's a big deal.   (Read More)

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